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TeeChart for BlackBerry™

Tutorial: Using the CHART

Steema Software, 2013


This tutorial gives developers an overview on how to use the TeeChart Java charting libraries in BlackBerry™. If you’re new to BlackBerry programming please refer first to BlackBerry Java 7.1 SDK Dev Guide:

Creating a Chart

Using TeeChart, you can add charts & graphs to your BlackBerry Applications in the following ways: 1. Linking your application to TeeChart for BlackBerry Java library (JAR) or Java source code.

1. Linking TeeChart JAR or sources TeeChart for BlackBerry library can be obtained from website, either as a trial or licensed version. Simply add the JAR library to your project (for example using Eclipse IDE accessing your project Properties, Java Build Path, Libraries, Add External JARs) or TeeChart source code (Properies, Java Build Path, Source). Now you can refer to TeeChart class namespaces to for example create a new TChart View programatically and add it to your desired Layout: TChart chart;

    	* Creates a new MyScreen object
   	public MyScreen()
   	    // Set the displayed title of the screen       
   	    chart = new TChart();
   	    chart.addSeries(new com.steema.teechart.styles.Area());

Adding data to your chart can be done in several ways, for example manually:

Pie myPie = new Pie();
chart.addSeries( myPie );

myPie.add( 123, "Apples" ); myPie.add( 456, "Kiwis" );

For a complete reference of classes, properties and methods please follow this link: Once the application is created, to be able to execute it in the simulator or a device, use the TeeChartBlackBerry.cod file which is included in the installer.

Charting styles and features

Using the Intent, series formatting and data should be passed using the Intent "extras" methods, with some of the following non case-sensitive keys:

Key Values Example
intent.putExtra("Header", "Hello World !");
intent.putExtra("Footer", "My Fruits");
Style Line, Points, Area, FastLine, HorizLine, Bar, HorizBar,Pie, Shape, Arrow, Bubble, Gantt, Candle, Donut, Volume, Bar3D, Points3D, Polar, Radar, Clock, WindRose, Pyramid, Surface, LinePoint, BarJoin, ColorGrid, Waterfall, Histogram, Error, ErrorBar, Contour, Smith, Calendar, HighLow, TriSurface, Funnel, Box, HorizBox, HorizArea, Tower, PointFigure, Gauges, Vector3D, Map, Bezier, ImageBar, IsoSurface, CircularGauge, LinearGauge,

VerticalLinearGauge, HorizHistogram

intent.putExtra("Style", "Bar");


Bundle b = new Bundle();
b.putInt("Color", 255);
intent.putExtra("Series1", b);
Marks boolean
intent.putBoolean("Marks", true);
Legend boolean
intent.putBoolean("Legend", false);
intent.putInt("Width", 250);
SeriesX Series1, Series2, …
Bundle b = new Bundle();
intent.putExtra("Series4", b);

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Many thanks to Pep Jorge at Steema Software for this article!

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