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TeeChart for Xamarin.Android is based on the TeeChart NET source code (C#) and includes the majority of the functionality currently in TeeChart NET for Visual Studio, with only a few changes to the code in order to generate Charts at runtime. This allows us to convert an application created for Windows systems to Android systems in a relatively short time.


1. Getting Started
Introduction to design aspects of TeeChart Pro and a starter guide to building Charts.

2. Chart Display parameters
Chart display properties and methods using the Chart Editor and coded examples.

3. Chart Paging
How to configure multiple page charts.

4. Axis design
Advanced Axis design techniques.

5. Legend design
Advanced Legend design techniques.

6. Working with Series
Introduction to Series architecture and programming.

7. Working with Functions
TeeChart Pro Functions overview

8. Android Applications
TeeChart for Xamarin.Android Applications

9. Walk-through Android Examples
TeeChart for Xamarin.Android Examples

10. Zoom and Scroll
How to zoom in and scroll your Charts

11. Custom drawing on the Chart Panel
The Chart Canvas

12. Designtime, Runtime and License Requirements


Getting Started
Getting started with TeeChart for Xamarin.Android