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Tutorial 10 - Walk-through Android examples

As we have mentioned in the last Tutorial, the TeeChart for Xamarin.Android installer includes a folder named Examples containing a set of examples examples which can be opened from MonoDevelop, Xamarin.Studio and Visual Studio with Xamarin.Android license installed and run either in the Android emulator or in the device itself.

The MonoAndroidDemo example includes part of the functionalities incorporated in this version, such as the types of Series available. Each Series type example is adapted for its best visual appearance, whether it is 2D or 3D. In the demo itself we can change the appearance of the Chart if we so desire.

A MonodroidTabDemo example is also included in the installer which shows how to use the different ZoomStyles available.

Finally, a RealTimeCharting example can also be found in the installer which shows how to optimizeTeeChart performance in real-time applications.

If we want to create a new application where we can add the TChart component to, all we have to do is add the the reference to the TeeChart.Android.dll of our project. Also, we can reference the TeeChart.Android project directly if we have the version of TeeChart for Xamarin.Android with the source code included.
Once we have completed these simple steps we can start to use the TeeChart component and make use of the classes just like we would with a basic C# project.</div>



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